St George Races 21st July 2018

Big Race Day 21st July 2018

The Australian Hotel is the place to be for the races in St George.

Join us for a huge weekend kicking off on Friday 21st July and wrapping up on Sunday 23rd July.

Call us on (07) 4625 5000 for inquiries.

Friday, 2oth July – Let’s get the weekend started!

We kick off with Who’s Charlie performing in the beer garden and a eye watering buffet in the dining room.

Saturday, 21st July – Race Day!

The Australian Hotel will be putting on a bus to the races from 11.30am thru lunch to the races returning at 6pm

Sunday, 22nd July – Recovery

The Australian will be running a recovery breakfast from 7am thru to 11am.

From 1pm, Who’s Charlie will be back to perform along with a $20/head lamb & pork spit roast and self serve buffet in the beer garden

recovery breakfast from 7am thru to 11am and then the band Who’s Charlie back on from 1pm and a spit roast lunch $20 per head lamb & pork spit in the beer garden with self serve buffet

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